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Visual documentation: Dinis Santos

With : David Blasco, Clémence Choquet & Mickaël Gamio, Fábio Colaço, Philippe Eydieu, Marc Geneix, Hadja Saran Condé, Michaël Sellam and Bruno Silva.

17 april > 27 april 2016

On the occasion of its off-site program, In extenso has traveled this year to Porto for ten days, where french and portuguese artists have been invited for a short residency and an exhibition in public space. They have been working in the exhibition space of ​​Rua do Sol, transformed for the occasion into a collective studio, with a laser printer, a plotter, buckets, glue and brushes to work with. After several days of exploring the city, the artists have produced printed works, which they then displayed, hung, distributed or disseminated in the streets of Porto. Ephemeral by essence, each project lasted only the time of a passage. An open studio helped to account for the work done. Each visitor was invited to pick a printed map to walk and find the works exhibited on, between and beyond the walls of Porto.

In collaboration  with Rua do Sol, Porto

Rua do Sol
R. do Duque de Loulé, 202
4000-324 Porto


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